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Located minutes from I-55 and just blocks from Midway International Airport, NML's Midway Business Center is a 55-acre property currently zoned "manufacturing." It features low-rise and mid-rise buildings, exterior truck docks and ample parking for cars and trucks. It is bounded by Cicero and Archer avenues, each with a bus line.

• The largest Chicago-based Industrial Park within a one-mile radius of Midway International Airport
• Units can be creatively configured and vary in size
• Expertly managed and maintained by NML

Midway Business Center Tenants Include:
• Southwest Airlines
• Wal-Mart
• TSA/Homeland Security
• US Postal Service
• Midway Distribution Center (secured deliveries to Midway Airport merchants)


5240 S Archer         Warehouse--134,631 sq ft                           $4/Sfmod/gross 

5333 S. Laramie      Suite 201 Office--1450 sq ft                         $18/SF mod/gross
                                 Suite 202 Office--630 sq ft                           $18/SF mod/gross
                                 Suite 203 Office--970 sq ft                           $18/SF mod/gross
                                 Suite 204 Office--1410 sq ft                         $18/SF mod/gross
                                 Suite 205 Office--950 sq ft                           $18/SF mod/gross
                                 Suite 207 Office--1100 sq ft                         $18/SF mod/gross
                                 Suite 208 Office--545 sq ft                           $18/SF mod/gross
                                 Suite 209 Office--545 sq ft                           $18/SF mod/gross

5555 S Archer        Warehouse--39, 353 sq ft                             $4/SF mod/gross
5585 S. Archer       Office--4,212 sq ft                                         $14/SF mod/gross 
53531 S Laramie    Warehouse--11,458                                      $4/SF mod/gross 
5380 S Cicero        Warehouse--3,300 sq ft                                $6.50/SF mod/gross 

Please contact the Leasing Administrator for more information on our office/warehouse space.

Sonita Haynes
312-243-2882 ext. 46